is a project-focused tool to manage Sass and spriting


with homebrew

brew install wellington

with go

go get github.com/wellington/wellington/wt

use prebuilt binaries on the github release page

Run wellington

wt -v


Start by installing Bourbon. Install docs are here. If you already have a working copy of Ruby, use the gem tool to install bourbon.

gem install bourbon

Let’s create a basic Sass stylesheet in the project folder. Create style.scss in a project folder.


@import "vendor/bourbon/bourbon";

h1 {
  font-family: $helvetica;
  font-size: golden-ratio(14px,  1);

Now, create a vendor folder and run bourbon install in it. There should now be project/vendor/bourbon/_bourbon.scss among other files.

There are a number of output formats for wellington: stdout, file, and http. By default, it will output to stdout. To specify a location to create CSS files, use the -b cli argument. We’ll redirect output to a build directory. Note: output files are named after the Sass file they are generated from ie. style.scss becomes style.css.

cd project
wt -b build style.scss

The following file will be created build/style.css. The output should look something like this:

/* line 3, project/style.scss */
h1 {
  font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", "Roboto", "Arial", sans-serif;
  font-size: 22.652px; }

That’s it, you’re now up and running with wt!

Let’s say we don’t like adding vendor across all the files. Well you can tell wt other locations to look for Sass files.

Change style.scss to this:


@import "bourbon/bourbon";

h1 {
  font-family: $helvetica;
  font-size: golden-ratio(14px,  1);

If we run the same wt -b build style.scss an error will be reported.

2015/07/22 23:54:09 main.go:208: Error > project/style.scss:1
file to import not found or unreadable: bourbon/bourbon

Tell Wellington where to find this file.

% wt -b build -p vendor style.scss
Rebuilt: style.scss
2015/07/22 23:54:55 main.go:95: Compilation took: 27.461ms